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Drilling for Certainty

This article – Drilling for Certainty – ponders how integrated complex systems produce failure when crossed with the human psychology. The difficulty challenge of complexity/human limits can be seen in numerous natural/man-made disasters, the economy, and terrorist activities. Understanding how systems function in cycles of change is a substantial problem that governments and organizations will need to address. The current systems of government and risk-containment have inherited their design based on an era that had little of the integrated complexity society faces today. Updating and rethinking these systems is a vital task for management and organizational researchers to undertake. Most organizations today still have, as an underpinning structure, the ideologies of an era that no longer exists.

One Comment

  1. Great topic. However, it might better serve the discussion to propose the examination of collective, bureaucratic behavior that causes failure. Individual human behavior rarely aligns with collective behavior, especially when one will typically react in a survival mode, while the other reacts on building influence over others – creating systems that only feed those ends, while destroying systems that allow for individual successes.

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 12:05 pm | Permalink