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One of the best descriptions of facebook that I’ve seen (on a blog comment somewhere) was: CIA+McDonald’s=Facebook. This formula addresses the secret and intrusive aspect of Facebook…and draws attention to broad appeal and exceptional ease of use/access. Google should be worried (I address the challenge briefly in this post a few months ago: LMS vs. SNS) – basically, Google has bet heavily on content, Facebook has bet heavily on connections/relationships. Google, however, has been largely responsible in respecting end users (Data Liberation). But Facebook is another matter – breaking trust with users by repeated violations of privacy (bypassing the opt-in approach generally expected with privacy changes). Their open graph initiative is significant…connecting individuals and information through likes instead of links. Trust, however, remains the primary concern – as stated in Open Doors and Closed Exits:

With social plugins, Facebook can now track user behavior just like many other ad networks or analytics tool. They are no more or less powerful than any other 3rd-party widget. Unlike those predecessors, though, Facebook has real users on their own site who are entitled to believe that Facebook only watches every move they make while they stay on — and who could be justifiably upset when they find out the full extent of it

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  1. Kathy wrote:

    I guess I am a slow learner on the privacy concerns of information posted/shared on Facebook (ignorance was bliss for a moment). It wasn’t until I saw a report on the news in regards to the information that Facebook stores about you and will give to another party. It is shocking to say the least. Many people go to social networks like Facebook as a means for entertainment purposes. I feel that is a shame that what I find entertaining may be shared with people with whom I don’t want to share with.


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