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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Three Generations of Distance Education Pedagogy

I attended a CIDER presentation today by Terry Anderson on Three Generations of Distance Education Pedagogy (recordings and slides are available). The session was well attended and generated great questions and discussion. After reviewing behaviourism/cognitivism and constructivism, Terry stated these models were not addressing the networked/connective/collective aspect of learning that individuals are engaging in today. [...]

DNA is information, not intellectual property

Intellectual property considerations in biology are one of the more worrying trends currently being negotiated in business and in the legal system. A court recently ruled that DNA is information, not intellectual property. Whether this holds as it moves through the court system in the US is unclear. But the impact of life patents (literally) [...]

Learning in the wild

I have a love/hate relationship with my brain. I’m rarely ever clear on an issue as context always messes up what exists. Something can be useful in one context, and completely useless in another. An idea can make sense in one discussion and yet be confusing in another. For example, I work in a formal [...]

A generation growing up with touch technology

Gartner (a Swahili term meaning “first we will make you give us a bunch of data to register for our site and then we’ll charge you a few thousand dollars for simple research reports”) is jumping on the touch mania that will continue to grow as more companies release their tablets/slates stating that “50% of [...]

Five Barriers to Effective Learning in Organizations

Charles Jennings argues that “learning and development activity is sub-optimal to the extent that it provides little value to participants and their organisations”. He then goes on to detail five barriers leaders need to think about “when starting out to transform their learning operations”. A colleague at University of Manitoba used to state that early [...]


Location is the buzzword concept of this year (at least if SXSW is any trend indicator). Foursquare and Gowalla are early drivers of location-based interaction. After all, what can be better than taking the time-wasting productivity-enhancing joys of social networking at tying them to physical locations and mobiles? Mashable offers a simple infographic that covers [...]

ipad luddites

The best way to draw attention to yourself online is to gain a sense of the way in which a particular topic is trending and then write an extreme opposite view of it. Enter, ipad luddites: What these folks are ranting against, or at least gnashing their teeth over, is progress – or, more precisely, [...]

Networked Learning: Groups, Networks

The Networked Learning Conference 2010 is hosting another hot seat. This time, Etienne Wenger starts the conversation by asking about the distinction between groups/communities/networks. The ensuing discussion will be a valuable resource for CCK10 this fall…

Making sense of social media

Since this event is only a few weeks away, I will reference it (again). We are hosting a conference on social media in education, government, and the enterprise in Edmonton, Alberta on April 25 – 26. The schedule of panels has now been posted (we’ll add a few additional speakers over the next few weeks. [...]

Call for Papers: Connectivism – social networked learning

I’m looking forward to this special issue of IRRODL on connectivism – social networked learning. A call for papers has been initiated. This will provide a good opportunity for supporters and critics of the theory to advance their views and research. After the call went out, I received a tweet from George Veletsianos about a [...]