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Thinking out loud about Connectivism

David Wiley is, as usual, busy stirring up a complex conversation on his site, Iterating Toward Openness. In this post, Thinking out loud about connectivism, he states:

I would be absolutely delighted to see this kind [in reference to Anderson and Schooler] of empirical work done to shore up the nascent theoretical framework called connectivism. I expect that if we put our brains to it for a while we could figure out how to do this. Without any kind of strong empirical grounding, connectivism will be forced to dwell in a “thought experiment” realm with the unfortunate majority of educational research that argues from “obvious” first principles and apparently needs no rigorous validation.

David raises important points about the need for research (to which Stephen Downes responds: “Education should, for once and at long last, learn from what has already been proven”).