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Internet of things

We’re connecting more objects to the internet: cars, phones, home security systems. What about clothes? Or our skin (at least as an interface)? Or how about all of life as an interconnected game (as is disturbingly communicated in the last 10 minutes of this presentation)?

Regardless of the long term impact, the internet of things is growing rapidly and, as tighter integration between the physical and the virtual world develops, new modes of interacting with objects will certainly emerge (such as searching for your car keys online, launching a Google map of your house pin pointing the exact location). A bit more on the internet of things:

What’s unique about the Internet of Things is that it adds a huge amount of new data to the Web and allows real-world objects to become part of the cloud network. For example, sensors on a busy road communicate with your car to tell you of impending heavy traffic. Or when you walk into a shop, the store messages your phone to tell you that an item you’ve been looking for is in stock and on special.