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ipad luddites

The best way to draw attention to yourself online is to gain a sense of the way in which a particular topic is trending and then write an extreme opposite view of it. Enter, ipad luddites:

What these folks are ranting against, or at least gnashing their teeth over, is progress – or, more precisely, progress that goes down a path they don’t approve of. They want progress to, as Bray admits, follow their own ideological bent, and when it takes a turn they don’t like they start grumbling like granddads, yearning for the days of their idealized Apple IIs, when men were men and computers were computers.

The ipad is getting very different reviews based on the crowd doing the reviewing. Short version: if you’re a techie, you won’t like it. If you’re an average consumer, you’ll love it. Nicholas Carr address the consumer appeal of the ipad in his post…and it’s a point that I’ve made repeatedly over the last few years in my whines about how the open source movement is in decline because the core principles of the movement are replaced by “free as in cost” not “free as in ability to control”. Even big company early supporters like IBM are changing their relationship with the open source community. And Marx shall weep as Russia implements his ideologies.


  1. dianne wrote:

    Calling someone a luddite immediately dismisses the validity of his/her opinion -though I’m guessing you’re trying to be provocative since a luddite is generally someone who is anti-tech. However, while granting that the iPad is a fun gizmo for consumers (why not buy it if you have the money?), that doesn’t make it a particularly game-changing tool for elearning. It’s a cool add-on but really where’s the beef?

    Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 9:31 am | Permalink
  2. John Spencer wrote:

    It fails, it is because it is a bad device and there is a ton of media hype surrounding something so bad. It’s the Beanie Baby of technology.

    I did a quick podcast about why it is bad for classrooms:

    It’s essentially like a spork, trying to do all things and none of them well:

    1. An iPod that’s too big
    2. An eReader that’s bad on the eyes
    3. A small computer (like a netbook) without a keyboard (yes you can buy one), Flash, web cam, or multitasking

    It has nothing to do with being a Luddite. It has everything to do with warning people about a product that is a waste of money.

    Saturday, April 10, 2010 at 7:03 am | Permalink
  3. Ben wrote:

    Your first sentence implies that people who don’t like the iPad are trying to “draw attention” to themselves; you then go on to call them “luddites.” This little rhetorical trick is called “poisoning the well,” and it has no place in a reasonable conversation.

    As for the comment that poeple grumble when progress doesn’t go their way–what could be more obvious? The question is whether or not “their way” is a reasoned position or an unthinking bias.

    Since that’s apparently not in vogue, let me do my own poisoning: The reviews can’t really be split into techies and non-techies; it can actually be split into “techies” and Apple enthusiasts who are trying to rationalize dropping a half a grand on a device that’s basically just an iPod with a screen so large that it can’t fit in a pocket.

    Monday, April 12, 2010 at 12:34 pm | Permalink