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Monthly Archives: March 2010

What is the future of education? A request for help

It’s impossible to see the future of education from a single perspective. Many voices, many ideas, and many perspectives are required. While the future can’t be predicted, it can be somewhat anticipated by extrapolating current trends and innovations. Dave Cormier and I are offering an open course on the Future(s) of Education, starting in April. [...]

Social Networks and Learning: Research/Doctoral Seminar

I’m excited about this initiative we are hosting via TEKRI June 21-25 – Social Networks and Learning: “Social media and networked technologies have altered the ways in which society communicates, educates and produces. Research into social networks and learning, while still nascent, is progressing rapidly.” And this week-long seminar is a response to this trend [...]

From ICT integration to systemic transformation

Having gone PowerPoint free for the last several presentations, I decided to return to a more traditional format – largely for the ability to post to slideshare. Presentations seem to have a longer life when some type of artifact is available. I’m in Madrid, delivering a presentation on moving from ICT integration to systemic transformation. [...]

You are who you know

I’ve been making this point for several years: You are who you know. As the study details, what we reveal about ourselves in Facebook (or similar SNS) profiles is not as critical as mining the profiles of people we list as “friends”. I may be quite discrete in our privacy settings, but if 95% of [...]

The New Entrepreneur

Creation and innovation are key elements in education. Research is concerned with discovering new schemes of connectedness between entities and evaluating the validity of those connections. No where does informal research, innovation, creating, and personal agency find a greater nexus point than in the work of entrepreneurs. I’ve owned several business in the past. An [...]

Data Visualization

Roughly everything we do online is content of some sort. Each click can be captured. Each thought expressed in digital format serves as a future connection point. The trails we leave may not have much value today, but when someone decides to analyze trails left through a data mining tool, suddenly our data becomes alive [...]

Learning powered by technology

The National Education Technology Plan (.pdf) reads like a somewhat random mix of concepts that have been discussed in various blogs and forums over the last decade: connected learning, 21st century skills, data-driven improvement, learning networks, life-wide learning, etc. Nothing new here. What is new, however, is the organization publishing the document: U.S. Department of [...]

Summary: Collapsing to Connections

I’ve posted a rough summary of my talk at TEDxNYED on my connectivism site: Collapsing to Connections

Social Media Conference: Dave Snowden

TEKRI is hosting a conference on Making Sense of Social Media in Education, Government, and the Enterprise, April 25-26 in Edmonton. Dave Snowden is our keynote speaker. We are issuing a call for presentations. Deadline is March 21. The conference will run two days – Sunday is a social media bootcamp: a quick way to [...]


With full awareness of growing criticism of TED conference (see D’Arcy Norman’s post on the topic and the growing discussion thread), I’ll be presenting at TEDxNYED on Saturday, March 6 with this group of presenters. The entire day will be live streamed and should be accessible from here. I’ll post on my Twitter account as [...]