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Monthly Archives: February 2010

The importance of owning yourself (digitally)

Over the last few months, Stephen Downes has made several references to the importance of owning your own domain. I fully agree. The contributions that I make to blogs, social networking services, and Twitter are under the control of the organizations that build and develop those tools (but I host my own sites/domains for posts/discussions [...]

Self-tracking: recording your life

Heavy users of social media record many aspects of their daily lives: activities, location, thoughts, feelings, and even purchases. Self-tracking looks at a future of “being able to remember everything about your life in extraordinary detail. Bell proposes that a “continuous digital diary or e-memory” that integrates digital recording devices, memory storage and search engines [...]

Buzz and Facebook

Google has more to fear from Facebook than Microsoft. Microsoft is gifted with an inability to deliver products for the web (I actually liked Popfly, but it has since been discontinued). Facebook, in contrast, is starting to redefine the web (looking more and more like AOL’s attempt in the 80′s to create their own web…have [...]

Online higher education market

In spite of reports indicating the growth of online learning, many traditional universities have been more or less uninterested in online education as a strategic initiative. Which is unfortunate. Online learning has the potential to not only reduce costs, but also to increase access to and effectiveness of education. Additionally, it has the potential to [...]

Time to Know: Changing classrooms

Right after I posted a rant on how systems reduce innovation, I came across this article on an a start up called Time to Know. If you’re ever asked to criticize today’s education system, say something like “industrial paradigm” or “if you took a teacher from 100 years ago, he/she would feel right at home [...]