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The Future of the Internet IV

I guess this is sort of like research – ask a number of people viewed to be experts a series of questions and then create a report listing their quotes with a bit of wrap around contextual text: The Future of The Internet IV.

The report covers topics of collective intelligence, innovations, information control, and anonymity. The most quotable aspect of the report is the proclamation that “Google won’t make us stupid”. (similar to the age of external knowledge via Thieme Hennis).

Obviously, any tool or innovation that permits increased connectivity between information and people will not result in a dumbing down of humanity. Initially, there will be (or currently is) a period of feeling overwhelmed and distracted. That’s an incidental effect of increased access to creation and consumption tools. Information abundance has been a key concern of humanity for centuries. First we need the content and conversation connections. Then we devise strategies and methods to prune and make sense of the chaos.