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Mobiles and socializing

Are mobile devices better for socializing than desk/laptops? If use is an indicator, then yes: “But perhaps the most interesting finding from the new data is the fact that more people are using the mobile web to socialize (91%) compared to the 79% of desktop users who do the same.”
The article is unclear on why this is the case: rise of 3G, increased functionality of mobiles, growth of social networking services (a circular argument). I think ubiquity is key – there are about 3 times as many mobiles in the world as PCs…and most of us spend more time with mobiles than with computers. If I’m awake, I have my phone on me. My laptop is only with me about 75% of my waking time…

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  1. Amin Marts wrote:

    The impact of mobile devices on socializing isn’t surprising. Mobile devices make it easy to listen and contribute to conversations regardless of location. The key to the mystery resides in the ‘easy-factor’. Laptops, as great as they are, are cumbersome, not readily available and expensive. As one would expect mobile devices are quite the opposite and that’s where their power and relevance resides

    “Don’t leave home without it”

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