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The iPad: Content lives to see another day

The real story of Apple’s iPad is not the device itself. Rather, the long-term impact is that many of the information structures of the physical world – books and newspapers – now have a place in the digital world, as well as a revenue model online. Apple possesses the mystical ability to charge for content. For example, many people who would balk at paying for $10 software for their desktop/laptop had no problem paying hundreds of dollars for iPhone apps (I’m looking at myself here – which does cause a bit of eye strain). Similarly, books, newspapers, and information online will now fall under the control of Apple. Think of this for a second. Apple, if the uptake of the iPad is as significant as many expect, becomes the central node through which content (books, newspapers, movies, music) flows for many people who a) don’t know or care what a torrent is and b) who like their devices nicely integrated and easy to use. And I thought we should be wary of Google’s ambitions…

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  1. The iPad will significantly affect Netbook & Kindle sales initially. Even my wife, a total non-techie, says it looks interesting and she might want one. She has no interest in any of the iPods or iPhones.

    Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 9:18 am | Permalink