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It’s still early enough in the new year to declare 2010 the year of “whatever you think is important”. To this end, have a look at 2010 – The Year of the Neighborhood.

As the geosocial revolution continues – creating more and more intimate links between the digital space and our physical spaces via mobile devices and data driven services – the word ‘neighborhood’ is becoming more and more prominent. A neighborhood (in urban terms, larger than a block, smaller than a zipcode) is the perfect granularity to connect with users as we spend a good chunk of our time there.

I’ve been playing around with foursquare and yelp. These services allow individuals to post where they are…which conceivably then results in blurring physical and virtual worlds as we meet up with others (and extend our social networks). Combine this with Blippy and we essentially declare all our ongoing activities to our network. All we need now is a means to share bowel movement routines. Perhaps the wearable human recorder system will help with that.