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Monthly Archives: January 2010


The Economist’s article on Privacy 2.0 (Woo hoo! Someone has come up with the brilliant idea of adding “2.0″ to privacy! This is terrific. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2.0 meme spread to enterprise, the web, learning, etc. What revolutionary times), argues that privacy could stop the spread of social networks. Silly Economist. Privacy [...]

Social Media Toolkit

About five years ago, if you wanted to get attention for consulting or speaking engagements, frequent use of “web 2.0″ was required. Today, you can get the same mileage from “social media”. In fact, add “social” to anything and you’ll get attention. But language is like that – we sacrifice precision in order to achieve [...]

The iPad: Content lives to see another day

The real story of Apple’s iPad is not the device itself. Rather, the long-term impact is that many of the information structures of the physical world – books and newspapers – now have a place in the digital world, as well as a revenue model online. Apple possesses the mystical ability to charge for content. [...]

Foursquare and newspapers

I signed up for Twitter in November 2006 (I think). And did nothing with it for a fairly long time. Alan “so cool that I’m coming to a conference near you soon” Levine posted his Twitter life cycle, capturing perfectly my experience with the service. From “this is dumb” to “I can’t stop” in no [...]

Social Media and the Grammys

Social media is changing the Grammys: “Social media introduces an entire paradigm shift into how the Academy can both connect with music lovers and with how its message is consumed and presented.” Hardly a surprise. Any field that is concerned with a) information creation and sharing and/or b) connecting people to each other or your [...]

Web Research for Beginners

I may have mentioned this before…a former colleague at University of Manitoba hosted an online conference on Web Research for Beginners earlier this year. The conference recordings are now available. Great topic blend: selecting technologies, recruiting research participants, internal & external validity, etc.

Art Gallery of Alberta

It is rewarding (perhaps even satisfying) to see continued growth and influence of blogs over the last decade. I have fond memories of early 2002, presenting to a group of about 100 administrators and educators on why blogging was important…only to have blank faces staring back, suggesting that I was completely off the mark on [...]

Stages of Social Media Integration

Anytime someone provides a list of steps to achieve complex tasks, my reaction is to turn and run. Lists are generally only useful for the people who make them. Situations and contexts change rapidly. What works now in one organization will likely not work in the future in another organization. But, complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty [...]

Networks – mathematic and social

Alberto-Laszlo Barabasi and James Fowler are prominent researchers in networks. Barabasi has a focus on mathematical and biological networks. Fowler focuses on social networks. Get the two together, and you get an interesting discussion on how networks form, the impact of genes, the environment, hubs, and how networks differ in physics and social systems. (via [...]


It’s still early enough in the new year to declare 2010 the year of “whatever you think is important”. To this end, have a look at 2010 – The Year of the Neighborhood. As the geosocial revolution continues – creating more and more intimate links between the digital space and our physical spaces via mobile [...]