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Publish/Subscribe Matrix Could Explode Into Glass-Smooth Platform

The concepts expressed here are important for software use in education – Publish/Subscribe Matrix Could Explode Into Glass-Smooth Platform: “Publish once and your content is everywhere, immediately. Open your browser and it will show you just the kind of content you need, from all around the web, targeting your particular circumstances like clickstream, social graph and geographic location.”

As educators, we think students need to come to us, to our space of learning. It’s a holdover from physical class spaces. We’ve just applied it to software. But it’s not necessary. Student’s content should come to us, but students shouldn’t be forced to come to our software spaces to contribute.

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  1. I know that it probably seems like I am always pushing my own blog, but this is EXACTLY what we have been presenting at conferences and blogging about. The “LMS” needs to turn into a PLE aggregator. The tools are in place, it just needs to be created. Well. I am trying build a working version of our “New Vision for the LMS” as we call it, but the day job sucks up too much time. I got to meet with JIm Groom and talk with him a bit on this – they are doing a lot of the same work with their blogging system (pulling in student blogs from where ever they are at, to make it easier for the teacher to track them). If you ever get a chance, check our our blog posts:

    Or even our conference presentations. We are thinking along the same lines.

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