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How to Get the Right Information to Improve Performance

This is an important point – How to Get the Right Information to Improve Performance: “Some organizations undercut their ability to discover their way to greatness by confusing the information needed to see problems with the information needed to solve them. So, they overburden staff with establishing the former and then underarm them in tackling the latter.”
I’m finding less and less value in the term “learning”. Learning is constant, ongoing. We can’t stop it if we wanted to (short of watching reality TV or reading a Blackboard lawsuit filing). Often when the term “learning” is used, I think we really mean “sense making”. We want to make sense of our environment. We want to know what we should do, what types of evidence supports viewpoints others hold, or how we should think about politics/global warming/economics/etc. Sure, at the most basic level, learning is involved. But when applied to work or even decisions we need to make in our lives, our focus is not on some esoteric concept of learning. Instead, the intent is to orient ourselves to a complex set of phenomenon and to plan potential courses of action.

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  1. Agreed! And when the term learning is applied to not “recall” ability but to “sourcing” info/data ability on the web – it further muddies the semantics of it all. Starting with performance requirements (outputs, measures, tasks, roles/responsibilities) and then deriving the enabling knowledge.skills (plus other enablers as appropriate to the effort) is key. It’s too bad the former Training & Development world stole and changed the meaning of “The Learning Organization” to mean their function, versus the entire enterprise, which has led us to this point. Thanks for your thoughts.

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