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Monthly Archives: November 2009

LearnTrends recordings

After three days of 5+ hours work of presentations, we’ve (Jay Cross, Tony Karrer, and I) wrapped up our third annual LearnTrends conference. Scott Skibell of Skillcasting has completed and posted recordings of the event. Topics include: convergence, mobile learning, design, social learning, managing information, microlearning, enterprise 2.0, and many others. A great event – [...]

Elearning Conferences 2010

Clayton Wright publishes as complete a listing of educational technology conferences as you are likely to find anywhere. Tony Karrer has posted the list on his site, so I’ll just link to it… Thanks Clayton – an outstanding resource!

Oslo presentations

I’m in Oslo. I have a total of four face-to-face presentations and three online presentations to deliver this week. We’re also running the LearnTrends conference online. So it’s a bit hectic. I’ve posted two presentations on slideshare: Learning in 2020 Educational Trends and Social Networks


Reminder, next week, Jay Cross, Tony Karrer, and I (with support from many others!) are running LearnTrends 2009. An outstanding list of presenters and provocative topics. Free to join.

Random social media resources

Moving Away from Social Media to Business Focus – a confused and rambling post, but the underlying point – moving beyond the hype and buzzwords and recognizing impact of what is commonly called social media – is something most organizations are now focusing on. Social Learning Examples – a great listing of technologies compiled by [...]

Learning Management Systems? Or Social Networking?

In a post on my connectivism site, I argue that the future of learning will be in social networking services, not in learning management systems (an assertion not everyone agrees with – see the comments in the post). Additional commentary on Jane Hart’s post as well…and Moodle – the wrong tool for the job?.


Readers of this blog (or newsletter) are likely aware that I recently made a transition from University of Manitoba to Athabasca University. With the joys of geographical moves (I’m now located in Edmonton), life is a bit chaotic. I’ll write more on this in the future, but I’m now with the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research [...]

Networking U

Like the rest of society, universities and colleges are reacting to social networking technology – Networking U The good news is, universities over the past decade have been adapting to meet students at the level of technology they’ve come to accept. That means not only deploying state-of-the-art hardware and software, but also embracing the concepts [...]

Data and visualization

The one dominant effect of the web is the externalization or giving-shape to aspects of our daily lives that used to vaporize. For example, the ever prominent water cooler provided a space to converse. But, once the conversation was done, it vaporized. With today’s social web and the increased data trails we leave in online [...]

Cloud Computing in Plain English

Common Craft explains Cloud Computing in Plain English. It’s a (very) broad overview of cloud computing, explaining it from the perspective of a business owner. But it seems unsatisfying and too simplistic. Most internet users have experienced some aspect of “the cloud” (in some ways, the cloud is a return to mainframe computing where storage [...]