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More Scientists Treat Experiments as a Team Sport

Wall Street Journal (motto: we’ve never met a URL we can’t complicate) looks at the trend for More Scientists Treat Experiments as a Team Sport. I don’t think team is the right term. If you’ve spent time in higher education, you’re likely aware that the only team that exists is between a prof and the students involved in her research interests. Higher education research is a highly individualistic endeavor (note, for example, the “Principal Investigator” status on grants). It would be more accurate to say that scientists now treat experiments as networked. From the article:

Around the world, scientists are cutting across boundaries of place, organization and technical specialty to conduct ever more ambitious experiments. Inspired by such cooperative enterprises as Linux and Wikipedia, they are encouraging creative collaborations through networks of blogs, wikis, shared databases and crowd-sourcing.
Once a mostly solitary endeavor, science in the 21st century has become a team sport. Research collaborations are larger, more common, more widely cited and more influential than ever, management studies show.