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Video Games: Modern Warfare

Controversy aside, Modern Warfare 2 is an interesting “sign of the times”. In its first week of release, the game generated $550 million (in UK and North America). What other media even comes close? What’s a big weekend for a new movie release? $50-60 million? I’ve been looking for something approaching an authoritative figure on the cost of developing MW2. Figures range between $30-50 million. Again, considering block buster movies can cost in excess of $100 million to make, the movie industry is being significantly upstaged by the gaming industry. Plus, games run on a centralized device, so XBox can do things like this to prevent piracy.

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  1. Jon K. wrote:

    The popularity of video games is at an interesting intersection of value for money, community of participants (a community of practice perhaps?) and most importantly, innovation. Games that are innovative and play well are rewarded for the development efforts. Film, as wonderful a format it is, is not as innovative, and when it is, it often is marginalized to art-house runs. Same thing can be said about music, television and books to some extent. I would venture a guess that old world (and I hate that term) mass media doesn’t value innovation as much as new world mass media.

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