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Monthly Archives: November 2009

More Scientists Treat Experiments as a Team Sport

Wall Street Journal (motto: we’ve never met a URL we can’t complicate) looks at the trend for More Scientists Treat Experiments as a Team Sport. I don’t think team is the right term. If you’ve spent time in higher education, you’re likely aware that the only team that exists is between a prof and the [...]

Video recording: Learning 2020

University of Oslo has posted a video recording of my talk last week on Directions in Education and Learning

New Tools for Personal Learning

If you’d like to get up to speed fairly quickly with the state of Stephen Downes’ thinking on education, technology, and learning, have a listen to his presentation on New Tools for Personal Learning – slides and audio are available. I’m surprised at the resiliency of concepts (complexity, ecology, mesh networks, connectivism, etc) that the [...]

Grading 2.0: Evaluation in the Digital Age

HASTAC is running a series of forums related to education/media/society. A current topic – Grading 2.0: Evaluation in the Digital Age – is being actively discussed. The introduction to the discussion states: As the educational and cultural climate changes in response to new technologies for creating and sharing information, educators have begun to ask if [...]

Connecting with others…

During our LearnTrends conference last week, I experimented with the Cormier Live Slides method. Dave would say I went a bit soft – I had an established structure for the slides, instead of free flowing. However, it did generate a fair bit of discussion and contributions from the audience. Kristina offers comments and reactions from [...]

danah boyd, back channel, Tocqueville,

I’ve been reading a combination of Tocqueville and the Federalist papers over the last few weeks. I’m fully convinced that these two documents need to be recast in terms of the web. While I’m a huge fan of openness, personal choice, democracy, and rights of individuals, a brief run through YouTube comments or a typical [...]

The brain chip…

Our ability to do things with technology far exceeds our ability to understand implications. Consider the brain chip: “Intel researchers in Pittsburgh told journalists today that brain implants are harnessing human brain waves to surf the Internet, manipulate documents, and much more”. This got me thinking about how far I would go to adopt technology. [...]

Chrome OS

Lots of reaction to Google’s Chrome OS (web operating system, in theory, a means to do away with Windows, Mac, Linux). Running Chrome OS at this stage is no easy task (see steps required here) – it’ll be a while before it will be available for most users. And, once available, it’s geared to the [...]

Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce, like many other companies, is jumping onto the enterprise social media bandwagon with the soon-to-be-released Chatter. Basically, Chatter introduces some of the functionality found in Facebook and Twitter into a secure enterprise system. Reactions vary (have a look at the comments on the article), including: “everyone’s on Facebook already – why bother with Chatter”, [...]

Video Games: Modern Warfare

Controversy aside, Modern Warfare 2 is an interesting “sign of the times”. In its first week of release, the game generated $550 million (in UK and North America). What other media even comes close? What’s a big weekend for a new movie release? $50-60 million? I’ve been looking for something approaching an authoritative figure on [...]