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The Web in 5 Years: more of now

Interesting thoughts from Eric Schmidt – CEO, Google – on the web in five years. It’s interesting to note that we are seeing increased consolidation of ideas and concepts around the future of technology and the web. Schmidt’s comments don’t provide anything new. It’s a laundry list of topics and predictions that most people who are involved in technology fields are already familiar with: real-time web, greater bandwidth, user-generated information, power/authority shifts due to amateur content, growth of Chinese language online, etc. Five years ago, when the groundwork of the social web and emerging technologies in general was being laid, new and revolutionary ideas arose every week (at least that’s what it felt like). It’s possible that a reduction of diverse views is a natural progression as the web matures. On the other hand, the revolution is being monetized and utility-drive of technologies might be pushing concept normalization.