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A Personal Cyberinfrastructure

At Open Education in Vancouver in August, Gardner Campbell argued that cPanel could be used as an LMS. If you’re not familiar with cPanel, it’s a fairly accessible interface (similar to Ensim) for managing websites on a server. Adding a wiki, a forum, a blog, or a chat room only requires a few clicks. Gardner expands this view in A Personal Cyberinfrastructure:

Suppose that when students matriculate, they are assigned their own web servers — not 1GB folders in the institution’s web space but honest-to-goodness virtualized web servers of the kind available for $7.99 a month from a variety of hosting services, with built-in affordances ranging from database maintenance to web analytics. As part of the first-year orientation, each student would pick a domain name. Over the course of the first year, in a set of lab seminars facilitated by instructional technologists, librarians, and faculty advisors from across the curriculum, students would build out their digital presences in an environment made of the medium of the web itself.