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Twitter and status updating

Twitter has been criticized for its lack of relevance to younger internet users (teens). Some progress is being made on that front, according to a new Pew report. In terms of numbers, 1 in 5 internet users utilize Twitter (or similar status updating) service. From a quick read of the article, I don’t see any mention of how often people actually update their status. This “I’m on Twitter” statement reminds me of blogs in early 2000. I’d frequently hear someone say “oh, yeah, I blog”. Not mentioned, however, was that one or two posts had been made and the site had since been largely abandoned. Not sure if Twitter has the same profile. The real question isn’t “are you on Twitter”, but “are you consistently on Twitter”.

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  1. Geoff Cain wrote:

    The interesting thing about that Pew report is that people keep reporting on it as research on teens and they were specifically excluded from the research: “the results in this report are based on data from telephone interviews conducted by Princeton Survey Research International between August 18 to September 14, 2009, among a sample of 2,253 adults, 18 and older. ” After this report came out there was a flurry of blogs headlines that said “Teens Leave Twitter” or some such like it. The corporations are trying to figure out how to use Twitter as an old fashioned one-way delivery system of information and that is not how or why it works. Its real power is in the network of users.

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