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Economy and Internet Trends

Mary Meeker delivered a presentation to Web 2.0 conference recently looking at the state of the economy and the Internet (powerpoint/pdf slides). From slide 28, a quick look back over the last few years:
2004 – China Internet – Opportunity is Immense 2005 – Broadband – Becoming Pervasive, Driving Growth in Communications / UGC
2006 – Online Video – Building Momentum
2007 – Social Networks – Proliferating, Driving Platform Changes
2008 – Economic Recession – Creates Challenge + Opportunity for Web Companies
2009 – Mobile Internet – Is and Will be Bigger Than Most Think
Later in the presentation (slide 32), Meeker forecasts the huge growth, and increased integration, of internet-connected devices.
The iPhone and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) figure prominently in her assessment.