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ECAR annual report of Undergraduate Tech Use

The ECAR 2009 report of undergraduate IT use has been released. If you’ve followed these reports over the last few years, you won’t find much new. A key assertion from previous surveys is validated: “they [students] consistently report that they prefer only a moderate amount of IT when it comes to their courses”.
The main difference in this year’s report is the inclusion of a new, but basic, chapter on mobile technologies.
One drawback – the ECAR survey continues to suffer from low response rate (see Appendix D), resulting in some concern about accepting generalizations made in the report. However, it is the most complete report on IT use by students that I’m aware of…and, since it has been around for five years, it will grow in value for longitudinal analysis (of undergraduate profiles, though it would be helpful to track development of learners use of IT during their time in university and beyond).