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Technologically externalized knowledge and learning

I’ve been thinking about what learning might/could/should look like in today’s technological age. Thoughts are posted on my connectivism blog: technologically externalized knowledge and learning.

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  1. judy wrote:

    Technology is constantly changing. The www has now evolved into “Web 2.0” and is the second wave of the World Wide Web.
    Most of us still follow the textbook type of teaching, where the students are made to by-heart, recite and write what is taught by us. As teachers how evolved are we in terms of incorporating technology with the curriculum?

    In an era of global connectivity teachers should be actively involved to make the students aware of the digital tools available and how effectively they can be used for learning purposes.In order for myself to be effective, I started by creating colorful power point presentation to grab their attention. Off-late i have also started using online flash cards platforms to make learning a group activity, where students interact with each other and learn to create videos, photos and flash cards online effectively for learning purposes. Teachers should continuously re-invent themselves and should desire to be creative in classrooms by using the latest web tools.Such learning methodologies creates a sense of “self directed” learning and problem solving attitude among students.

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