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History and evolution of social media

We’re still early on the social media hype curve. Letting people connect effortlessly produces all kinds of interesting results. But the implications of easy connectivity are not fully understood. Should we have “tech free” zones in schools? How does etiquette change when conversation continually flows on microblogging services such as Twitter? What is appropriate to post on Facebook? What about mobile phone etiquette? Or, perhaps most importantly for educators, how should teaching and learning be structured in a networked world?
These questions are already being addressed by educators and researchers (journal special editions and even new journal launches are focusing on the social media aspect of teaching/learning). A quick look back – to gain a sense of history – is always a good idea. The history and evolution of social media takes a rapid stroll through various services and potential implications. While the article is not focused on education, it’s a good overview of how we got to where we are. Social networking site: definition, history, and scholarship tackles a similar theme…