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What I think connectivism is…

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2009 is in full swing. The Daily is experiencing a bit of a delay as Stephen’s website (and OLDaily) are recovering from a rather significant attack. The value of a distributed course is found in these points of failure. If one tool goes down, other options exist. In this instance, I want to draw attention to a somewhat interesting conversation thread on moodle: What I think connectivism is…


  1. Asif Devji wrote:

    Hi George,

    Interesting thread on connectivism indeed.

    Wanted to add my two cents to the discussion, but couldn’t connect :-) either as a student or a guest.

    Hope you don’t mind if I post it here.

    Using McLuhan’s aphorism as a model:

    Connectivism is to Knowledge as Medium is to Message (?)

    So then:

    Information (which streams through connections) is to Learning as Content is to Language (?)

    The question marks indicate my discomfort with the fit between these concepts, but I believe that some kind of relationship does exist here.

    Funny thing is, McLuhan, whom I’d read in a communication studies course years ago, was resurrected for me last night as I watched TV (in a CBC ‘Heritage Moment’) and then streamed through me to the Moodle discussion on connectivism — which I hope to link to via your blog.

    Hope this makes some sense.



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  2. Nancy Stuewe wrote:

    I have read a bit of McLuhan’s work and have used his idea of the tetrad with teachers when looking at technology. What makes the tetrad so interesting is that is allows us the see the connections and relations between things we may have thought of as separate in the past with dualistic thinking. How does a technology extend, enhance, accelerate, intensify or enable? One can look at technology as tool yes but what if we think of technology as a place for exploration? How do we connect in this place? The picture of connectiveness is deep and wide like the universe and to me that is a beautiful thing. The scientific approach has been valuable but one needs to put it in it’s place and remember the world is rich, vast and far to interesting to sort and classify everything without seeing how it all connects together.

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