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Thoughts on new learning

With CCK09 now underway, I’m having a bit of trouble keeping up with posts and reflections of learners. We encourage individuals to set up blogs (or use Moodle, SecondLife, whatever else)…and reading blog posts takes more effort than reading discussion forums. Discussion forum posts are generally shorter and the context is often established by the original post. Blogs also appear to be a better environment for a deeper level of analysis. I’m not sure why – perhaps it’s due to the sense of personal space or identity. Thoughts on new learning: “…humans have an innate motivation to participate in shared knowlege and that it is this motivation that makes writing for “real” audiences more rewarding for students than writing for an individual “teacher”…is connective learning naturally self-reinforcing? Is the building of community a means to an end (learning), an end in and of itself, or both? Put another way, would you keep writing your blog of you knew nobody was reading it?”


  1. Fred wrote:

    My belief is that blogs can be used for different purposes, and one such use is private reflection. I keep a private blog which I use to record ideas and clarify my thinking through writing and organising ideas. It provides a record of the evolution of my thinking, which I may or may not share in other fora.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 11:04 pm | Permalink
  2. Hi George. No, I only blog for others to read it. Knowing that others will (I hope) read it makes the blogging experience more creative. I aim to produce a blog that informs and looks interesting. If this was just for my own records, it would be quite different.

    Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 6:40 am | Permalink
  3. J-M. Guillemette wrote:

    While I agree most people write blogs to share something with others, some (I know a few) write for other reasons, such as the pleasure of expressing themselves or as a more structured way to think. Would I write a blog if I didn’t participate in CCK09? Not sure, but probably not at this time – question of priorities and where I want to / can invest my time. I’m also the type who tends to prefer pondering for a while before sharing thoughts or opinions. Accordingly, the “perceived” obligation of having to write a blog doesn’t always suit me well. Not to say it isn’t useful or I won’t gain from it, but it’s not something I rush to do when ideas bubble up. That’s part of why I’m interested in CCK09 – gaining insights on how a more “public” approach to building knowledge works and how I react to it at a more personal, gut feeling level. I believe a large part of how people use blogs has to do with individual differences and preferred ways of knowing. That’s something in which I’ve been interested for quite some time and that’s coming to the forefront again with the explosion of social activity on the web.

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  4. Benjamin wrote:

    Building a learning community is both a means and an end. I started a blog – Collaborative Understandings – for many reasons. The main reason is to reflect on my experiences and to improve the way I communicate my thoughts and ideas – the process alone is a learning experience. Contributing to my blog also provides a platform for integrating technologies and a way for developing my personal learning network. If it’s input and interaction that I’m after, and I’m not getting it from my own blog, I’ll just visit someone else’s.

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