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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Social Learning Presentations

Jane Hart shares her social media presentations via slideshare playlist (you can select various presentations on the right-hand side of the embedded slideshare “player”). A total of 18 presentations are available, addressing a variety of technologies, concepts, and frameworks for social learning. Some level of narration would be a helpful addition, but overall, a good [...]

Narrowing gap – face-to-face and online

With location-aware software and mobile devices…and the immediacy of Twitter/Facebook, the gap between physical and virtual is shrinking. As Tony Karrer notes, in addressing online/face-to-face conferences: “What’s interesting here is that it used to be that you could count on your in-person audience to be singletasking (is that a word?) and paying attention. Now, they [...]

Universities and research

In an idea reminiscent of Swanson’s concept of undiscovered public knowledge, Techcrunch is suggesting corporations turn to universities for a wealth of innovative ideas. Most research in universities is not commercialized. For that matter, most likely cannot be commercialized due to specialized nature of inquiry. However, according to TC, entrepreneurs should explore the “motherlode of [...]

Introduction to Emerging Technologies: Open Course

In about two weeks, Dave Cormier and I will begin our open online course on Introduction to Emerging Technologies, Africa. The course will be offered in both English and French. If you would like to be kept informed about the course (as a participant or observer), please join the Google Group below: Subscribe to AfricaITE09 [...]


Google has been busy this week: Chrome Frame is a service that runs Chrome directly in Internet Explorer. The announcement provides more detail. It’s Google’s way of letting Microsoft know that inefficiencies can be bypassed. I’m a bit negative on Microsoft these days. I’m teaching a course using Sharepoint (an Old English term meaning “hell”). [...]

What I think connectivism is…

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2009 is in full swing. The Daily is experiencing a bit of a delay as Stephen’s website (and OLDaily) are recovering from a rather significant attack. The value of a distributed course is found in these points of failure. If one tool goes down, other options exist. In this instance, I [...]

Trends and Issues in Open and Distance Learning in Africa

Dave Cormier and I are offering a bi-lingual (French/English) open online course on emerging technologies for learning starting Oct. 12. The course is part of a grant from OSIWA and a collaboration between Association of African Universities and University of Manitoba. I’ll post more information on this in the next week or so. The course [...]

Networked Learning 2010 preconference online hot seats

Networked Learning 2010 conference is hosting a series of online “hot seats” over the next few months. These online sessions are free to attend, but registration is required. Details and schedule can be found here. I’m looking forward to Caroline Haythornthwaite’s discussion next week (Sept 28) – she has done fascinating work around evaluating language [...]

Corporate Learning: Trends and Implications

I’m pleased to announce our third annual LearnTrends online (and free) conference on corporate learning, to be held November 17-19, 2009. Tony Karrer has more detailed information on his site: “The theme/focus this year is on Convergence in Workplace Learning. We will bring together people who look at different aspects of learning and knowledge work [...]

Scaling Mt. Idiocy

I am a strong proponent in advocating for universities to change. But, universities are systems. You can’t alter one aspect without creating a ripple effect of unintended consequences. As I read another article about another business leader declaring the obsolescence of universities (a Latin phrase meaning “to scale Mt. Idiocy”), I started thinking about how [...]