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How do organizations respond to emerging technologies?

Businesses, schools, and universities are having difficulty responding to emerging technologies. The newspaper industry, for example, is not having an easy time adjusting to the internet. If you’re looking for a case study in how one organization responded to potentially disruptive change, have a look at NPR – at a tipping point? It’s rare for an organization to be foresighted enough to not only recognize substantial changes, but to plan a focused, strategic, organization-level response.

How do large organizations make the changes that they have to? How do they do this when the New is often the opposite of what they are and what they do today?
I think that the answer for NPR and Public radio is that they overcame the huge natural resistance by investing in a shared and deep exploration of what confronted them. What they have done since has come from the genuine emergence of ideas and of a language that they created for themselves.