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The internet of things

We can do far more with information communication technologies than we are comfortable with. Privacy and security are big roadblocks to utilizing new opportunities generated by technology. For example, Google (now mainly Bing) knows what I’ve searched in the past. And, with GPS/maps, knows where I’m currently located. Tying my search history to my location to provide targeted advertising is not too far a leap. The pieces are in place, but the connections have not been made.
The “internet of things” fits into the category of “potential but not actual” as well. Have a look at some developments in the field: Henry Holtzman on Internet of Things. I suspect that social, not technological, concerns will prove to be the primary adoption barrier.
Short update on status of RFID is also posted on Read/Write.
RFID Map is quite interesting as well. Practical examples of RFID use in various fields.