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That brain of ours

Researchers are in the early stages of understanding the dynamics of the human brain. Discoveries (interesting word – how do constructivists respond to the notion of discovery?) to date are causing shifts in views in fields like law and the legal code. If I commit a crime, and it is due to a brain lesion or a developmental disability, should I still be punished as if though it was a free will choice?

What I find most interesting in developments in neuroscience is the growing understanding of the brain as a complex system and knowledge/thought as connection-forming and patterning (we had a short discussion of the support neuroscience offers for connectivism during CCK08 last year). Two resources on this topic:
how chaos drives the brain – a short, but intriguing video of patterns (waves) of thought activity.
Olaf Sporns presentation from 2007 where he discusses the brain as a complex systems that produces networks configurations often noted in sociology and mathematics (i.e. small world phenomena).

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  1. Ken Allan wrote:

    Kia ora e George!

    The concept of punishment and correction are evolving. Why shouldn’t they? It’s revenge that isn’t evolving. Another 150,000 years might fix that. :-)
    Catchya later

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