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A Global Reset for Advertising

Advertising revenue for newspapers, TV, magazines, and other mainstream media will rebound once the current economic situation improves, right? Not according to Ballmer: “”I don’t think we are in a recession, I think we have reset,” he said. “A recession implies recovery [to pre-recession levels] and for planning purposes I don’t think we will. We have reset and won’t rebound and re-grow…within 10 years all traditional content will be digital and yet, Google aside, publishers are failing to generate serious digital revenues.”

The very simple (and obvious) lesson here is this: when a system no longer reflects the external context it serves, it is doomed. Examples are numerous – car manufacturers, mainframe computers, and subscription internet models of the early 90′s (AOL). The question for educational leaders is how well does our system match the activities of our learners and society as a whole – are the approaches to research, learning, and teaching within education synchronized to the dominant long term trends around information creation, sharing, and personal interactions?.