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Failing new grading approaches

This confuses me. Basically, a prof doesn’t have the funds available to hire teaching assistants to help with grading, so he adopts a peer-review model: learners grade each other. In this instance, the union representing teaching assistants disapproved, filed a challenge, and the prof has now been ordered to discontinue the practice. I guess they now return to the previous method: “Before Prof. Joordens introduced his peer-marking system, all the assignments in the class were written on multiple choice sheets and marked by a machine.” Students are the real losers in this process..

One Comment

  1. Michael Lowenthal wrote:

    The new model distributes power to the learners. That is too radical for people in leadership. As for the union this new method may be precieved as taking away positions from teaching assistants. Why not have the assistants learn how to do things other than evaluate learners work?

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 5:52 am | Permalink