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Social. Networks. Learning. Organizations

Through LearnTrends, we are hosting an event on June 18: Social. Networks. Learning. Organizations
. From the session overview: “Social learning and social networks continue to grow in prominence in corporations, organizations, and universities. The impact of networks, however, remains somewhat misunderstood. How should organizations “restructure” on network principles? How can ROI be calculated? Are networks a superior method of organization learning and development? How can professionals re-create wholeness of understanding in fragmentary conversations and information shared through social networks? What lessons can learning professionals apply from Facebook, Twitter, iPhone applications, and other software and technology trends?”
Information on times and url for the live discussions will be posted at the events page linked above.

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  1. Bibiana wrote:

    Hello George,
    I am going through some of the material you published in LTC a year ago and I have some difficulties to understand the way you classify social software in
    I can’t really understand what you mean by “Acess” (as access to resources). Blogs, as a social software, don’t allow you to have access to the resources whereas wikis do and so does Goegle reader. Do you mean to have access to the program? I am completely lost on that one.
    Thank you for your help!

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 1:43 am | Permalink