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That failing newspaper industry…

Transformative changes in other information-based industries should capture the attention of educators. A few recent newspaper-related stories:

From Terrible to Terrifying: “The stats show that total newspaper ad sales dropped by an unprecedented 28.28% in the first quarter of 2009, a deep plunge that represents a loss of more than $2.6 billion in ad revenue compared year-over-year.”

Why “playing it safe” is killing American newspapers: “But we’re hiding much of our newsrooms’ value behind a terribly anachronistic format: voiceless, incremental news stories that neither get much traffic nor make our sites compelling destinations. While the dispassionate, what-happened-yesterday, inverted-pyramid daily news story still has some marginal utility, it’s mostly a throwback at this point — a relic of a daily product delivered on paper to a geographically limited community.” I think you could replace newsroom references with classrooms…

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  1. John Soares wrote:

    I think there are two main questions facing newspapers:

    1. How to keep the print edition relevant and profitable, if possible.

    2. How to monetize news stories on newspaper websites.

    Both of these are very problematic.

    My main concern is with local news. The Redding Record-Searchlight, the local paper for far northern California, ran several in-depth stories yesterday about proposed new power transmission lines that will run through the area. It’s an important story, but one unlikely to be covered well by online news organizations.

    Of course, this story in the newspaper would be very useful for teachers covering the issue in the classroom.

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