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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Videos of recent presentations

Videos of two presentations I recently delivered in Iowa and New York: Iowa State University’s ComETS symposium: The impact of connectivism and networked learning Empire State College’s CDL conference: Social and Connected Learning

Public Engagement. Public Empowerment

Talk of technology quickly turns into talk of power. Who has it (power)? By what means did they attain it? By what means do they hold it? What are they attempting to do with it? Technology embodies ideologies, and the choices made by its designers influence what its users will be able to do (or [...]

Social media in the enterprise

I have a few weeks of travel coming up (first to Senegal for workshops as part of a Soros Foundation grant & elearning Africa, back to Winnipeg for a library conference, and then to Italy for the Enterprise 2.0 forum). In preparation for the enterprise 2.0 event, I’ve been reviewing resources on how organizations are [...]

Technology Trends

Techcrunch reviews conference discussions of technologies trends for 2009. Trends presented are fairly obvious (which is to be expected when the analysis cycle is as short as a year): next generation technology users, mobile devices, digital displays, etc. The focus on unstructured data (they suggest within five years, 80% of enterprise data will be unstructured) [...]

Course to Dis/Course recordings

Last week, Martin Weller and I hosted an online conference to discuss the future of courses: From Courses to Dis/Course. The recordings are now available. At this stage, they are long, unedited Elluminate recordings. Which means you have to advance the recording until you get to the presentation you would like. As much as I [...]

News and content

Education’s sibling – the news industry – continues to suffer under the impact of freely available content and increased end user control permitted by the web. But it is not a field that is going away quickly or quietly. Consider the suggestion that the internet is killing news: But, content is not necessarily news. News [...]

Emergent meaning or prescription?

Dave Snowden’s recent post on emergent meaning or prescription reflects what many of us have been saying about education: “new approaches that have become possible since technology matured from process control and information flow to the networked, fragmented and semi-structured worlds of social computing. Here as communication flow increases, patterns of meaning start to emerge.” [...]


I’m looking forward to ED-MEDIA 2009 in Hawaii in about six weeks – a great line up of speakers (disclaimer – I’m on the ED-MEDIA steering committee and co-chair for this year’s conference). A blog has been set up leading up to the event. We’ll be posting interviews of invited speakers over the next few [...]

The psychology of attention

The psychology of attention lists numerous views (and research projects) on how attention works. Some contradictory information – see the “cocktail party effect” and “reading and writing multitasking”. Attention and multitasking is an important aspect of learning. I’m personally not convinced that we are very good at multitasking – I think we task switch rapidly, [...]

Courses to Dis/course

About a month ago, I announced a two day online conference I’ve been planning with Martin Weller: From courses to dis/course. The event (no charge) runs May 14 & 15. The speaker schedule is now available. Information is also available on how to attend Elluminate sessions and participate in the Moodle forum.