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We are witnessing the passing of working-class masculinity

An editorial on the change in society as entire industries fade (or are rendered unrecognizable) overnight: We are witnessing the passing of working-class masculinity: “No matter what you think of the auto industry…It’s the end of an era…for an entire way of life, when a man with a high-school education could raise a family, have a house with a backyard pool, and buy his-and-hers motorcycles so he can tool around the countryside with his wife on weekends. Bill is not to blame for what has happened to him. He’s simply been flattened by history.”

After you read the editorial, you might find a recent publication from the Martin Prosperity Institute worthwhile. We are witnessing historical shifts as society re-creates value points not based solely on physical work and property. BTW – RIP: A Remix Manifesto (the last third of the video) questions whether the current approach to intellectual property is logical…suggesting that much of the global alterations in copyright law are driven by the US move from routine labour to an economy based on creativity and intelligence.