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Monthly Archives: May 2009

We are witnessing the passing of working-class masculinity

An editorial on the change in society as entire industries fade (or are rendered unrecognizable) overnight: We are witnessing the passing of working-class masculinity: “No matter what you think of the auto industry…It’s the end of an era…for an entire way of life, when a man with a high-school education could raise a family, have [...]

Modernizing corporate training

I generally resist linking to organizations that monitor and use the ideas generated in the social/learning/tech space, and then produce reports that fail to acknowledge sources of inspiration. However, this post on modernizing corporate training is worth a read, even if only for the irony. It explores the history of corporate learning from 1980′s to [...]

How much information?

In 2003, UC at Berkeley released a report titled How Much Information. This was just at the beginning of blog’s popularity, and prior to YouTube and podcasting. Nice to hear that an updated report will be released this year. Preliminary data, according to WSJ, states that “information workers, who comprise about 63% of the U.S. [...]

Will Higher Education Be the Next Bubble to Burst?

Will Higher Education Be the Next Bubble to Burst? asks: According to the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, over the past 25 years, average college tuition and fees have risen by 440 percent — more than four times the rate of inflation and almost twice the rate of medical care. Patrick M. [...]

Rapid Internet Justice

An interesting thread about Rapid Internet Justice. Short version: someone uses online forums to target people to steal auto parts. The community serves as detective and solves the case. In this instance, it appears the right person is identified, but I’ve also seen online communities exhibit “mob mentality”. This story has a strong positive message [...]

Technology for teaching and learning transformation

If you’ve been following my twitter feeds (and personal tag for travelling – #whine09), you’re aware that I’m in Senegal (minus luggage). I conducted – with Kathleen Matheos – a two-day workshop on Technology for teaching and learning transformation. I’ve posted the slides from day 2 of the workshop here…

Challenges faced by African Universities in technology integration

I’ve captured a few thoughts/comments from a workshop and discussion session with leaders in education and ICT from African universities: Challenges faced by African Universities in technology integration. I’m continuing my quest to use more images. But, as the post reveals, visuals truly are not my strength .

African Elections

Ideologies are embedded into technology. Ideologies, of course, are about power, control, and ways of looking at the world. As such, it’s fair to say that technology is about power – who can create? who has access? Today, in a conversation with an African colleague – Ben Akoh – I was introduced to the African [...]

CCK08: Socialization as information object

I finally got around to capturing a few thoughts on CCK08. I’ve posted an overview of the course (as well as an earlier rudimentary attempt from 2002) on my connectivism blog: Socialization as information objects. Now, to get ready for CCK09…

The Social Data Revolution(s)

The Social Data Revolution(s): “In 2009, more data will be generated by individuals than in the entire history of mankind through 2008…The second data revolution brought about a new dimension to data creation: users started to actively contribute explicit data such as information about themselves, their friends, or about the items they purchased. These data [...]