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Why advertising is failing on the internet

The author makes this claim: Why advertising is failing on the internet: “Traditional advertising simply cannot be carried over to the internet, replacing full-page ads on the back of The New York Times or 30-second spots on the Super Bowl broadcast with pop-ups, banners, click-throughs on side bars.”
…and then goes on to state why advertising will not work online. I’m not convinced. If advertising is not explicit (“click this link” or “buy this product”) then it will form part of the content. We see well-placed product endorsements in movies…and hear them in podcasts (such as TWiT). Google-free is not open-source-free. If advertising doesn’t work, then web 2.0 will collapse as it is based on Google-free.

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  1. I think I’m with you. I’m not convinced that advertising is failing on the Internet. I don’t particularly pay attention to the adds on my web pages, but I never paid attention to the adds on TV or in the newspapers either, yet they were effective (if not, they were a colossal waste of time over the past 100 years!). Adds must be effective. My guess is that they will continue to work on models until one arises that makes sense and makes money. Thanks for provoking some thought on this topic.

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