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IBM Casestudy of Second Life

IBM reports on a conference held in Second Life (.pdf): “The meeting in Second Life was everything that you could do at a traditional conference—and more—at one fifth the cost and without a single case of jet lag”.
Benefits reported: reduced cost and increased productivity (i.e. less time traveling to/from conference). The paper discusses how the conference was organized – not exclusively in Second Life, video conferencing/web casts were used as well – and the budget ($80,000).

I’ve been involved in many online conferences over the last few years that have a far greater reach than the several hundred participants mentioned in here. Plus, we’ve generally done it with a budget of, oh, about $0. Still, it’s nice to see organizations experimenting. New experiences sometimes offer their own reward. I know of colleagues who have been teaching a certain subject matter for decades…and when experimenting with blogs or wikis, suddenly find renewed enthusiasm.
(via Tom Werner)

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  1. Tom Werner wrote:

    Just to clarify, the paper describes two conferences. One was a three-day conference that took place completely in Second Life (partly behind IBM’s firewall and partly in the public Second Life).

    The second was a three-day conference held by web-conferencing and video-conferencing with the poster sessions held in Second Life.

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