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Imminent Changes in Higher Education and its Delivery

Over the last several years, I’ve been trying to communicate the basis for educational change: don’t change education based on an instantiation of change (web 2.0, participative web)…change education based on foundational change. What is the foundational change? As this article – Imminent Changes in Higher Education and its Delivery – states, it’s related to how information is created/shared/validated/disseminated :

The term education is no longer bound by the traditional concepts that shackled it for so long – we don’t have to rely on the traditional methods of information access and content delivery that formed our staple learning diet all these years. Thanks to the Internet and associated technology, there have been rapid advances in the way we access and assimilate information. What was earlier available only at a premium cost is now open to all at no cost at all, what was earlier limited to the heavy, printed and bound version is now digitized and easier to access.

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  1. Elle Wood wrote:

    While our traditional learning institutions will never go away, it’s easy to see why a growing number of people are attending cyber classes such as those at Pass Christian University. Simply put, online education offers an attractive mode of learning to those seeking quality and time sensitive flexibility in an educational environment.

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