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Network Weaving

Network weaving is a great term to describe how people and organizations interact, connect, share information, and form relationships. In this 20 minute video, June Holley talks about her experience with weaving networks.
The term “networks” is so broad it’s tough to talk about it meaningfully without first spending time clarifying terms. Barabasi stated that “networks are everywhere. All we need is an eye for them”. I agree. While networks share structural properties (connections between nodes), how and why networks form differs with network types. For example, how does a social network translate into learning? How does being connected to a certain group of people translate into understanding? (if you’re interested, I posted a presentation last year on the subject of different ways to see learning as networked).

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  1. Owen wrote:

    The challenge of learning within the context of social networking is sustaining a subject on which everyone finds value. Time is valuable to learners and educators, and it must be actively ‘caught’ by educators the world over. Isn’t that our greatest challenge: making what we deem important relevant?

    Monday, March 2, 2009 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

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