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Future of Libraries

Libraries are often cited as a dying concept. In my home community, we recently built a new, expensive library…and it looks like a library. Bigger than the older building and with more books. Not much in the innovation category. However, on universities campuses, libraries are often among the busiest areas on campus. It might have something to do with free wireless, Starbucks, comfortable seating, etc. Regardless, the library field has managed to effectively reposition itself for the digital era. Academics have much to learn from the libraries to learning commons change.
Confessions of a Science Librarian has compiled a list of 29 reports on the future of academic libraries.


  1. Keith Lyons wrote:

    George, thank you for this post and the link to the 29 reports. Some interesting things happening to libraries in Australia now that ‘baby boomers’ are retiring and expecting a different level of engagement with the library environment. The national Library of Australia is a wonderful source of inspiration.

    Best wishes


    Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 3:44 pm | Permalink
  2. Ken Allan wrote:

    Kia ora George

    Like much left over from the so-called ‘modern age’, the library has much to offer. Unfortunately, the postmodern culture/attitude tends to dismiss the idea that libraries and their contents can offer anything useful to the present-day reader/learner.

    I find it a very strange point of view, yet it is now so prevalent.

    I won’t even begin to list the useful things that a library can offer about organising knowledge, and that’s well before any consideration can be given to what its books can offer.

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

    Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 4:13 pm | Permalink