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Uneven impact

Creative Class analyzes the sectors hardest hit by job losses. Traditional manufacturing fields are most impacted. Office, sales, computer, art, and architecture/engineering show large losses as well. Service sector jobs – health, education, legal – are fairing better than most. Many of those most impacted will soon be returning to colleges and universities to engage in new careers. One of the things that has always irritated me about education is how the model is one that learners must adjust to…rather than systemic flexibility to meet diverse needs of learners. Online learning has opened some opportunities for flexible learning. Largely, however, those returning to colleges will find the experience much as they did several decades ago. With a few extra LCD projectors and computer thrown in. Am I being too negative?

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  1. Anthony wrote:

    Although I agree that things haven’t really changed in college, I think the overall experience for a returning student would be radically different. I graduated from college in 1989 and got my MBA in 1994, so at least from my perspective going back to school would be pretty different: ubiquitous Internet access, laptops, online collaboration and research, social networks, etc.

    I think a bleak outlook is justified only if we start from the premise that it’s the univeristy’s job to provide the infrastructure, guidance and motivation to apply new technologies. Given the fact that students tend to know MUCH MORE than teachers about this, I think it’s appropriate that new technologies are pushed into schools by students, not the other way around.

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