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Ontario in the creative age

Ontario in the creative age (.pdf) makes the somewhat obvious argument that Ontario (and many parts of the developed world) are experiencing a “shift from more routine-oriented to creativity-oriented jobs that place a premium on analytical and social intelligence skills”. The authors then suggest that no region/country has yet made the transition to an economy based on creativity and intelligence…and that current global situations may serve to accelerate the need for this to happen.
In Canada, almost 80% of jobs are services-based, showing a steady decline of goods-producing jobs since 1946 (p. 9). What is required, according to the report, is greater emphasis on analytic and social intelligence skills (though they fail to detail how they assigned percentile groups of each domain). It’s worth reading, but does slip into “let’s write buzzword statements so we’ll be quoted in newspapers” (such as “Economic development is driven by 3Ts – tolerance, talent, and technology”) occasionally.