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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Network Weaving

Network weaving is a great term to describe how people and organizations interact, connect, share information, and form relationships. In this 20 minute video, June Holley talks about her experience with weaving networks. The term “networks” is so broad it’s tough to talk about it meaningfully without first spending time clarifying terms. Barabasi stated that [...]

Net Gen Skeptic

Mark Bullen’s blog has changed from Net Gen Nonsense to Net Gen Skeptic (I criticized the first title when he set up the blog last May/June. Now I think I prefer it). He reports on a recent survey at BCIT on the use of technologies by age. Short answer of the outcome: “The results clearly [...]

Second Life

As with any tool that embodies a potentially new medium of interaction, Second Life has been the subject of much hype. Many companies that first embraced SL as a tool for connecting with customers have since left. Reuters, for example, set up a news bureau, reporting on all things SL. In October of last year, [...]

Future of Libraries

Libraries are often cited as a dying concept. In my home community, we recently built a new, expensive library…and it looks like a library. Bigger than the older building and with more books. Not much in the innovation category. However, on universities campuses, libraries are often among the busiest areas on campus. It might have [...]

CCK08 Wrapup Recording

This afternoon, we held a wrapup conversation for CCK08…the recording is now available. We discussed a wide-range of topics, including lurking in online environments, lessons learned from CCK08, Stephen’s serialized course feeds, what we’ll do differently for the September ’09 offering of the course, etc. At about the 40 minute mark, we had an interesting [...]

The liberty of the networked

Instead of an aversion to pain, I think I have a desire to walk toward it. Last fall, during CCK08, I was blessed with the opportunity to experience Prokofy Neva (Catherine Fitzpatrick). Many course participants found her distracting (rude). I didn’t find myself nodding in agreement with her too often, but I valued her contrarian [...]

web 2.0 and the organization

McKinsey Quarterly tackles web 2.0 in the enterprise. Don’t like the article. Building on an instantiation of change, rather than on change itself, seems rather silly to me. At points in the article, commons sense statements are offered like “Participatory technologies have the highest chance of success when incorporated into a user’s daily workflow” or [...]

Contagion amongst Banks

This will hardly surprise readers, but I’m somewhat partial to a networked-view of the world. Varies organizations/disciplines are realizing that seeing the world as networked helps to explain why things sometimes happen as they do. Diseases, information, learning, and social relationships are networked. The rise of blogs, Facebook, and Twitter has given people personal experiences [...]

On communicating visually

As I’ve stated, I’m trying to make greater use of visuals. Hard to make sense of the value of visuals with poorly presented articles like this: Why communicate visually. Some sloppy research on the old “10% hear, 20% read, 80% do” – this time attributed to Bruner. Will Thalheimer debunks/questions the validity of this claim. [...]

The death of news

News – of the investigative journalist variety that helped launch Nixon to even greater fame – has been said to be the real casualty of the development of amateur news. I’ve heard this argument several times over the last few years, but a recent article captures the sentiment best: But the real problem isn’t that [...]