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Wikipedia – tightening editing

It is not much of a surprise that Wikipedia deals with consistent concerns about accuracy. Openness does not change humanity, but it does reveal its breadth. Those who have a penchant for destruction find openness as appealing as those who have a desire for creating something of value. To combat accuracy concerns, Wikipedia is considering restrictions on editing. Perhaps the complexity and challenges of one encyclopedia that incorporates all information could be overcome by smaller individual wikis under the care of networks and communities that have a vested interest. There is no reason why things need to be under one banner and one website. I almost always access Wikipedia through Google. The value is in the search, not the location.

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  1. Janet Clarey wrote:

    This will be good news for my professor perhaps…or at least give me something else to argue about. can’t even reference wikipedia in a paper…even for a good definition. : (

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 7:55 am | Permalink