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Frustrating Conferences…

Conferences are terrific opportunities for meeting colleagues, encountering new ideas, and getting as sense of what’s happening “over there”. For dissemination of knowledge (information, really, but knowledge is the term most people relate to), few processes are more valuable. But conferences can be frustrating. Very frustrating. Who hasn’t encountered the joy of sitting in a conference room, listening to droning presentations, feeling as if though they’ve lost the “which session is going to be the least bad” lottery from the program brochure?
Several years ago, I was asked to join the ED-MEDIA steering committee. As a group, they have been very willing to entertain different approaches for improving the conference.
Now, under the umbrella of AACE, we’re pleased to announce Spaces of Interaction: An online conversation on improving traditional conferences. (Ning site for the event). The discussion happens February 18-20, 2009. It’s free. It’s online. And it’s open. If you’re a conference organizer, sit on a conference committee, or attend conferences, we’d love to hear your input on how the experience can be improved.
You may find this article – Conference Connections: rewiring the circuit – to be a useful lead up to the online event.

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  1. Conferences are about the sharing of newly discovered information and understanding in order to encourage the development of knowledge. If presenters are not passionate and inspired by their work, how can they inspire others? And, of course, as educators, isn’t our job to inspire the desire to learn, explore, discover, build? Have we forgotten to be our own teachers?

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