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Industries in transition

I have the rather biased view that higher education will be subject to enormous change in the next decade. It won’t just be change around the edges (new programs or new technology added to existing methods) like we’ve experienced in the past. It will be change that systemically redefines the enterprise of education. With this perspective in mind, I find broad industry shifts like capital movement to eastern countries, global awareness of environmental issues, and the rise of participative culture intriguing. In some instances – such as with newspapers and car manufacturers – the industry transitions have been forecast for decades. And yet, when change finally strikes, it leaves most people baffled. News You Can Lose analyzes the decline of the newspaper industry. There are lessons here for educators…


  1. Shaun wrote:

    What type of transition do you see? There is a large trend towards DIY learning and bootstrapping in general. I recently read about how people are using fake degrees to gain opportunities. Undergrad degrees aren’t valued too highly, merely an IQ test. The MBA is new differentiator.
    I think universities should become less about churning out undergrads. Less about job-training and more towards developing individuals. Going to university at least in Canada isn’t as big a deal. In previous generations it was huge and now that has forced students down certain paths and universities aren’t going to turn down funding for lack-lustre programs. Things definitely must change

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  2. Gary Lewis wrote:

    Here’s another example of an industry in transition. A very interesting article about bookstores, the new resellers, and used books as cheap as a penny:

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